Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spotlight: Eilquinn

From the Designer:

I am Eileen Quinn and my etsy shop is simply, eilquinn. I am a full time mom, part time bartender and now also a full time tote bag factory….my family likes to joke that the studio I have created in my basement is my sweat shop – and this past summer it literally was my sweaty shop! I graduated college with a degree in photography, but have never really wanted to make that my career…in fact, as my schooling was wrapping up, instead of taking pictures for my final project, I hand stitched a full size quilt make out of casted rubber squares using the same rough little stitch I now use on the outside of my bags.

I created the first set of bags for a friend of mine a few years ago when she got married…I was looking for a personal, practical and sweet gift that wasn’t on a registry…I have always loved to make and wrap presents and take great pride in finding or constructing the perfect thing…So, I decided to personalize a set of my most favorite canvas grocery totes…

A friend of hers saw them and asked if I would make a set of them for her daughter too…I opened my etsy shop in June of 2011 after my second daughter was born, figuring it was a chance to make some extra money while the girls were sleeping…I started to brainstorm and read up on printing by hand – originally because I wanted to create totes that could bear the adorable logo of another project and etsy shop I am involved in waldosluggoandme. Through some experimentation of using lace as a stencil, I discovered I really loved the colored lace…I have never been so fulfilled creatively than I am right now…I am obsessed with finding and using beautiful old materials, such as found lace and doilies and repurposing them to make an everyday practical thing, like a simple tote so lovely.
I truly am so proud of each of my bags as they go off to be given as gifts…they are each a unique little collage, stitched with love. It makes me so happy to know that I am part of a personal gift exchange between two people.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spotlight: Diego Kahlo

From the Artist:

My life has always been about art. Classes when I was young. Artists in the family. Traveling to Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Israel, Bosnia, Switzerland, Belgium, much time in the USA, and of course, Mexico. Everywhere, art museums. I started drawing at a very early age, sculpted, painted, and then found myself with the camera.

If there was something that proved to be my biggest inspiration, it was the time I spent in Chicago with the artist and photographer Darryll Schiff. He taught me look at my subject and not to worry about the camera. I learned to look and feel first, the technique comes last.